S.P.S. Members of the Board

Board elected by the General Assembly the 27th October 2018 in Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain (see the Minutes)

Eleni Pangkratiou and Antonia Theodosiou on mission in Croatia to prepare the XVIIth congress
  • ACOVITSIÓTI-HAMEAU ‘Ada, anthropologue, General secretary and Treasurer under supervision by Michelangelo Dragone, « Maison de l’Archéologie », 21 rue République, 83143 Le Val, France – aser2@wanadoo.fr
  • CORNU Claire, architecte urbaniste, Joint secretary – Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Pierre Sèche (FFPPS) rue de la Riclaine, 71240 Nanton, France – clairecornuavignon@gmail.com
  • DRAGONE Michelangelo, architecte, Chairman, G.Giusti, 32/34, 70011 Alberobello (Bari), Italie – michelangelo.dragone@gmail.com
  • LIPPERT Urs, Joint secretary, dry stone craftsman, Chemin de la Baume 23, 2533 Evilard, Switzerland, urslippert@hotmail.com ou info@stonerworks.ch
  • PAPAEFTYCHIOU Ioulia, Vice Chairmanarchitecte, Vice-Présidente, 10 rue Xanthou, 85300 Kos, Grèce – ioulia955@gmail.com
  • THEODOSIOU Antonia, Joint secretaryenvironmental architect, 4, rue Liperti, 2121 Nicosie-Aglantzia, Cyprus – theodosiou@cytanet.com.cy
  • PETSCHEN Agustín, architecte, Joint secretary, Sant Nicolau 98, 07760 Ciutadella, Menorca, Baleares, Espagne, apzmenorca@gmail.com

In February 2019 following the resignation of Ioulia Papaeftychiou, the candidate – Eleni Pangkratiou, géographe/architecte, ANEZ (Agence pour le Développement du Zagori), 13 rue Dossiou, Ioannina, GR45333, Grèce – epag68@otenet.gr has been asked to fill in as Joint Secretaray and Antonia Theodosiou has been proposed as Vice Chairman. A dedicate delibaration took place to confirm those nominations (minutes).

Members of the Board in meeting. From left to right : Urs Lippert, Ioulia Papaeftychiou, Claire Cornu, Ada Acovitsioti-Hameau, Michelangelo Dragone.