Proposals for dry stone in the Vaucluse following the Goult 2023 Congress

Hello everyone,

The International Congress of Dry Stone in Goult was a great opportunity to share everyone’s knowledge on a variety of themes and territories. It gave rise to many questions and a strong desire to answer them.

By putting its members in touch with each other, the SPS, our joint association, is able to develop a common approach between congresses, capitalising on what has been learnt at the congress and generating collective momentum.

If certain dynamics were to take shape, they would enable us to be more coherent vis-à-vis UNESCO through action reports that are better articulated around a theme.

The creation of thematic working groups, a formula long proposed by several SPS members, could enhance this community of knowledge.


As the subject of a session at the congress, we propose to lead a group on water, with Danièle Larcena of Pierre Sèche in Vaucluse in charge.

Initially : an overview of the achievements and projects on this theme

List of SPS participants or others working on water systems linked to dry stone territories
List of works, articles and projects by these water-contacts
Bibliography collected by these water-contacts

Based on this information, Pierre Sèche in Vaucluse will draw up an initial assessment to identify the “common ground” for research and action, identify the gaps and pinpoint the urgent issues in this area, which is particularly sensitive to climate change.

This initial assessment should make it possible to debate the issue and envisage collective initiatives.

What do you think ? Let us know if you are interested